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Our Purpose, Mission & Vision

Our Purpose

Emotional support advocates and personal coach for self healing after abuse. For those who have been a victim of abuse, trauma or a target in a violent crime. 

Our Mission

To give a voice and be an advocate for those who have survived abuse, trauma or crime. 

To empower you, to take this internal journey to heal yourself.

To build and foster a sense of community here with other people who have also suffered the effects of trauma and abuse, PTSD or have been victimized by crime.  

Encouraging and building a positive and uplifting  enviornment where this community builds each other up one person at a time, sharing our struggles and insights along this journey.

To support and nurture one another, to inspire and encourage others on their journey.

To gain insights and effective tools to help us on our individual path to healing.

To build an awareness, to know you are not alone, you DO NOT have to hide.

To rid the stigma of shame, guilt and humiliation that survivors of abuse, trauma or a crime tend to carry.

To understand we do not have to accept or internalize the guilt, shame, or humiliation as part of our story.

Note: It’s vital to help rid the stigma of guilt, shame, and humiliation that we as victims of abuse, trauma or a crime tend to carry. This is NOT your burden to carry, we did not cause the event or do the crime, yet we tend to internalize it and identify ourselves with the emotions of guilt, shame and humiliation that the traumatic event caused. This has to stop! It is an undue burden that has been wrongfully internalized, there is no guilt, shame or humiliation in any of this. The event has ended and is over, we need to also release the emotional attachment and suffering it has caused.


To serve as an additional tool to help encourage, inspire, uplift one another to continue on our path to healing.

To overcome and release our unhealthy coping mechanisms and thought patterns we have come to identify with and have adapted for our own survival.


To support you along this journey to dive down deep, so you are able to find the root cause of where your suffering exists and release it completely.  It is an internal journey, an emotional one, but this is where you must go in order to have the dramatic lasting effects of healing in your life that you have been seeking.

Now is the time to set this all down, to begin the inward journey to becoming whole again. You deserve to feel and be your best. It's not just a gift for yourself, but also a gift and  a benefit to be your best for your loved ones as well.

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For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice in regards to dealing with their emotional scars from abuse and trauma. To help overcome the feelings of  shame, guilt and the humiliation we also tend to carry from these traumatic experiences or events. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my past experiences, and about the trauma I have survived and it's impact on me. Including triggers and unhealthy coping mechanisms that needed to be addresed and how to work through and resolve them.

I founded Begin Healing The Shame Within as my mission to help rid the stigma of shame, guilt and humiliation the abused person tends to internalize and carry.  To foster encouragement, support and provide others a sense of community. A safe place where we can nurture & build up our sense of self worth, share inspiration, along with helpful tools and insights that can be applied to help ourselves and others on their journey towards healing.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, inspiring, insightful, useful and beneficial for either yourself or your loved ones. Be sure to check out our resource page, I have many helpful contacts listed for your convenience. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, useful tips or, if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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This information contained on this website is not intended to replace or substitute professional help. I am not a professional of any sort, nor do I claim to be. I do not hold any medical or psychological degree or certifications. I am not providing any legal, medical, or professional advice in any manner. If you are in need of professional help, I highly encourage you to seek it accordingly, from a professional who is trained and skilled to assist you in the correct area or specialty field you may need.

 This site is meant to provide you an additional set of resources, along with insights from someone who has also experienced trauma and abuse and the effects from it. I have included a list of additional hotline contacts and resources for your convenience that may be of benefit to you. This is not meant to replace any medical or psychological advice or treatment. This is meant to serve as an additional tool that you can implement as it may be of use. This is based on my own personal journey to healing the shame and wounds within. Use in addition to any professional help you have on board, or may be seeking, as this is not a replacement. Your mental health matters!

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