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Where Your Belief Lies Is Where Your Limitations Begin

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You will never be able to use action alone to move or grow beyond your current level of belief. As no amount of action is going to outperform or overproduce any results in this matter. As all the energy and effort you put into it will never be enough to overcompensate for your weak belief system. Our beliefs and feeling MUST support your outcome, period. As this is your foundation. Otherwise any actions you take will be futile. What needs to be addressed lies within your mindset. How you feel about what you are wanting highly impacts your results. Find a way to soften it, to be open to it, to shift your believe beyond what is, by tapping into the potential of what is currently available, both known and unknown factors. Because when you place a limit on what your thoughts and possibilities of what you believe, or how you believe it can come to fruition, you are also simultaneously limiting your responses to it and your end results.

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