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What Showing Up In Love For Myself Really Looks Like

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

My loyalty and my respect for you ends when it starts costing me my own sense of inner peace and well being. If being with you starts to erode my own sense of self worth and self respect, due to your constant mistreatment and devaluing of me is all you have to offer, then know this, I am no longer interested, and you can keep it. That, is NOT love. If that is what your "love" feels like, I'll pass! As that is the farthest thing from love I have ever experienced.

If you cannot show up in this relationship and equally provide the most valuable traits of love, respect, kindness, trust, loyalty, and compassion, I will be forced to choose to cut all ties. After all, these traits are FREE, they cost you nothing!! Yet, you still choose to withhold them?

What you have failed to realize is that no one else's presence is required in my life to make me happy, but my own. Now it is time I start showing up for me. I do have a choice on what I tolerate. If you cannot reciprocate & give freely what I bring to the table, which again are completely free (yet highly valuable) traits, then what is the point or purpose for continuing the relationship?

Yes, from here on out, I choose me.

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