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The Value Of Increasing Your Accountability To Yourself Via Becoming Your Own #1 Supporter

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You need to relearn the importance and value of being a constant supporter of yourself. It is important you train yourself to be your own safe place, in spite of any condition or situation that may arise in your life. Showing up for yourself in the midst of challenge, disappointment or even chaos. This may be difficult to do at first, but it reaps you the greatest reward. When we experience a blow from life, expected or unexpected, we need to know we ourselves, have what it takes to make it through what ever comes along. You ARE the one you need the MOST to love yourself through it all.

Most of us tend to turn to others for our support and encouragement. Looking to an outside source to help us feel whole and safe again. That is your first misstep here. As we have all learned at some point in time, others may disappoint us. They get busy with their own day to day life and challenges. Some people we tend to turn to are just are not that reliable. Again, it is not on another to help us feel whole, safe and secure. It is an inside job. You will be continually disappointed if this is your current practice and mindset. Although the reality of others not being reliable and consistent for you when you need them can cause you to feel hurt, alone and let down. There is a bigger risk that damages us on a much deeper, personal level. Which causes you even more pain and disappointment.

When we are no longer able to count on ourselves to love and nurture ourselves through our pain and disappointments, it can also impact our sense of self trust, self confidence and self respect. We need to learn to be the one who loves ourself in spite of anything that may be occurring in life. Even if we make a mistake, we have to start showing up for ourself from a place of kindness, forgivness and grace. These are important attributes that we need to be able to self apply. Be extremely generous with this.

Here are some common life challenge areas where we tend to abandon and let ourselves down. Look and identify which areas in your life are you short changing yourself? Which of these areas in life have you chosen to be harsh, judgmental and berating towards yourself? Which of these topics are your hot spots, weak spots or triggers?

Where is it on this list below that you need to start showing up more for yourself? Providing your own sense of love, kindness, compassion, encouragement, forgiveness and grace in a consistent manner?

  • Hurt

  • Pain

  • Disappointment

  • Rejection

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Loss

  • Sadness

  • Loneliness

  • Discomfort

  • Embarrassment

  • Shame

  • Difficulty

  • Emotions

  • Conditions

  • Dis-ease

Making the choice to be present for ourself in love and kindness in spite of any circumstances and condition is what builds our self of self reliance and resilience. Along with fostering a deep sense and awareness of self trust. We need to make ourself a priority in regards to this matter. Otherwise, we will continually fold, or withdrawal in life when life throws us a curve ball. It is time to be accountable for how we treat ourself in all phases of life. Stop being so conditional with how you treat yourself. Outside conditions should never be a factor in your sense of self love and care! You need to be committed to being the one who LOVES YOURSELF THROUGH ALL THINGS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Talk about a real game changer.

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