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Why Wait? What Are You Waiting For ?And How Is That Working Out For you?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Most of us are sitting around waiting for our dreams to show up, like as if all of the sudden our dream will magically appear, and ride in on a white horse and present itself to us. Rescuing us for where we are and our current life of what is. Whether it be more peace of mind we are seeking, a better paying job, a better career, a need to refurnish our home, or work on ourself internally, the work required is the same. It is necessary that we make a firm decision and back it up via our actions. The most important truth is we have to go within ourselves and create a space for it, built it within us. It is our job to do the necessary work.

This is done by planting the right seeds for the attitude, determination, and actions that it takes in order for us to achieve these goals. We need to be willing to invest in ourself and take the steps in our lives right now, so that we experience and live the results we want. We have to practice the feelings and the emotions that cause us to act upon them. By growing our mindsets and attitude in the direction we desire. By cementing these habits in our daily practice before we can actually live that end result. Again, the majority of this work is all about our "inner game," starting with our self talk, it is on you to be able to get yourself into the belief that it is possible in the first place. After you implement that, you will then have to make the commitment to following through on all the actions that it takes for it to come into being. Including those moments or times that you just "don't feel like it." Stop letting your emotions hinder your follow through, time to act on your beliefs. When our feelings get in the way and hinder us, it is not unconditionally loving and supporting of yourself or your dreams. This wavering is what slows down your progress and results.

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