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Anyone Else Have Certain Songs That Touch Their Soul?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Your emotions are meant to be felt, dealt with and thenreleased. One tool I love to use to help encourage this is music. I love music, especially in it's ability in how it makes one feel. It has the power to totally shift your mood. There are certain songs that no matter where I currently may be, whether emotionally or physically, it can shift me instantly. I have a certain few songs that I use to help me to feel empowered and joyful . I like to play them often. Especially in the moments I may need uplifting. Like when I am not feeling my most connected or confident self. It does really help put me into a place of feeling stronger and centered.

There are also a few songs I have as well that can produce the opposite for me. Which when need be I can use to help myself tap into those overwhelming or sad feelings. Especially, when I cannot seem to shake that mood. I will play them as a cathartic way to face and release those emotions. So they can no longer impact the duration of my day. Doing this allows me to confront them and then move through them.

There are 3 songs that personally resonates with me. I call them my "trigger songs." Because no matter what, these songs instantly connects me and stirs up within me, the pain I hold within. These songs are the ones that personally overpower me, break me to the point where I automatically start balling like a little child. For some reason they really seem to tap right into my pain that I still harbor from the abuse/trauma I experienced. When I feel an undertone of sadness tugging at me trying to run & ruin my day, I find it best to give them my full attention they are asking for, so than I can release them. I find in doing this it does not comsume my whole day, just a smaller portion of it.

My songs that bring those emotions rapidly to the surface for me are:

  • Taylor Hicks, "Do I Make You Proud"

  • Kelly Clarkson, "Piece By Piece"

  • Lady Gaga's "Million Reasons"

The best way to deal with anything in life is to face it and address it, so you can move forward. Instead of choosing to run and hide from it. That is why I use music in this way. It definitely has a cleansing effect on me.

What are your songs for empowerment? When do you use this to shift your mood and put yourself into a better mind and a better emotional place?

What are your songs you play to release your emotions when you feel that they have become too much to handle or carry in the moment?

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