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Empowering Self Reflection Questions We Should All Be Asking Of Ourselves Daily

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Am I thinking for myself on this? Or am I taking on the influence of others and letting it cloud my judgement and attitude?

Am I believing in myself, and my abilities to follow through?

Am I open ended to the the potential and possibilities here that this offers? Or am I prejudging and assigning limitations to this?

Am I taking the actions forward on this matter? Or am I hiding, shrinking, avoiding or procrastinating what I know I need to do here?

Am I willing to change my mindset or approach if what I am doing is not providing any results? Or am I rigid and fixed in my approach?

Am I creating and bringing up within me the best feeling possible and applying it to this?

Am I really committed to the outcomes doing this will bring me?

Am I satisfied in my results so far on this? If not, am I willing to come at it from another mindset or angle?

Am I reflecting the right mentality needed to get this done?

Am I able to do more to get this done in a more effective way?

Am I continually showing up for myself in beliefs and actions I take towards this?

If not, what can I choose to believe right now in this moment to strengthen my beliefs on this topic?

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