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It's Time, Let Yourself Heal.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I hope you will find the courage to start your own internal journey to healing. This is not an easy thing to face, but the rewards of healing and finding a place of peace are well worth it. You are worth it, even if you may not feel like it, at times.

It is important to get yourself to a place where you can not only survive this life, but thrive in it. Everyone deserves to live an enjoyable life. One where you feel safe enough to step out of survival mode and into thriving mode. Moving from just existing to actually enjoying a peaceful, happy, satisfying life. A life you can be proud of.

Remember, you are ALREADY a survivor! You lived through the traumatic event, that was the hardest part. The true threat is over, you are safe now. The physical threat and danger is gone. It no longer exists here. (Unless you are still in a toxic, harmful or abusive environment. In which case, PLEASE GET OUT). Now it’s simply time to face the damage it’s pressed upon within you, and heal the internal & emotional damage that you have been carrying. Time to set that down, begin the inward journey to becoming whole again. You need to let go of the pain, the emotions you attached to the story. You do not have to continue to suffer, not another moment longer. There is a way to live without the pain and suffering, it all starts with the willingness to journey inward, to be there for yourself, to be your OWN safe and compassionate place.

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