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Do Not Hide Your Brokenness, Embrace It!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We are always experiencing some type of emotion, every moment of every day. Everyone has a place within them, a part of them that feels broken, damaged, ugly or unworthy. Those who have experienced abuse or trauma tend feel these emotions more intensely, holding them as a sense or part of their own identity. What these emotions are asking of us, is to show up for ourselves in love, gentleness, kindness and forgiveness. It requires us to find a way, inspite of how we may feel at times, to show up for ourselves in unconditional love. To flow compassion towards ourself. Instead of trying to shove these inner feelings about ourself deep down and bury them, how about we uncover them, dust them off and bring them into the light where they belong.

These aspects of you, including the uncomfortable feelings you've have, helped shape who you are today. They taught you how to be strong and resilent. Providing you the opportunity to push through, birthing within you a nature of how to survive and move forward. These emotions showed you which morals and values are important to you. As well as clarifying for you who you do want to be, and who you refuse to be.

These emotions helped you create your behavior. Determined what your level of standard for yourself, and your life willl be and how moving forward you will treat not only yourself, but others as well. Growing within you a sense of empathy and compassion. Along with a sense of deep rooted morals and values encouraging you to act in the best manner from this space. Inspiring you to be a better person. To set the right example. Gives insights to the impact not only your actions have on yourself or others, but also how your words can help build someone up or tear them down.

Reflecting on this, most would have to agree, these emotions are actually a gift. When we see and treat them as such, it will be us, as an individual who personally grows and blossoms from within. As a result from these struggles we have faced and continually conquer. As what you see as your flaws have actually been a catalyst for your strength and resilence. It is your true inner beauty, kindness, compassion, grace and strength that you are forming and developing here in this space. Oh, what a very valuable and glorious gift that is!

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